Featured Members
Kel LandisKel Landis- Founding Partner and Principal of Plexus Capital
Robin EmmonsRobin Emmons, '11, bringing hope & empowment to food deserts of Charlotte


The Mission

To cultivate a network of courageous leaders who connect across differences in identity and ideas to develop new solutions to the
complex challenges facing the peoples and communities of North Carolina.

                   THE PROGRAMS

 A 2-year Leadership Program for NC residents. Grounded in experiential learning. Enhanced by the humanities. Guided by  integrity, inclusion, and intention.  A life-long Network of Fellows who inspire, support, and challenge one another to affect positive change in their local and statewide communities.


Strengthened by diversity and difference.
Willing to do the difficult and necessary work
to move issues forward. Transformational leadership
for the future of North Carolina.

William C. Friday Fellowship for
Human Relations

The selection process for the next class of Friday Fellows begins January 27, 2014 with a call for nominations.




















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