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The Fellowship Experience

 The Road to Selection- 2017, specific details forthcoming.

    Call for Nominations - Late Spring

    Information Sessions  - dates to be determined

    Application Deadline - Summer

    Selection Weekend - Early September

Please read this brochure to learn more.

It begins with a series of six, experiential seminars over two years. Twenty individuals from all over the state, who might otherwise have never met, are chosen for each class of fellows.



Through a careful and competitive selection process, candidates must demonstrate a capacity for humility and honesty, and unquenchable curiosity, and the courage to risk being wrong in the companies of their peers.



Once selected, Fellows pledge- with the support of their families and professional colleagues- to full participation in the program over the two year period. 



They work with the guidance of the program's faculty, following a curriculum that requires regular reflection and writing.  Together, the group practices collaboration and authentic dialogue on the human relations' challenges facing our state.

They study a range of readings and engage in small group exercises and projects. 


In addition, each Fellow has the unique benefit of monthly professional coaching to integrate the work of the Fellowship into their individual leadership lives.


The goal is the development of sustaining, lifetime relationships and the continuous improvement of each fellow's leadership skills. Ultimately, Fellows are expected to promote civil dialogue and collaborate intentionally with other Fellows for the betterment of North Carolina. 


 These Friday Fellows are now members of an unparalleled, statewide network of leaders who represent a wide variety of backgrounds from our state's rural and urban communities. In addition to their cultural differences, the Friday Fellows practice leadership in disciplines across all sectors (public, private, and nonprofit). They span the political spectrum from conservative to liberal ideology, and all share a strong commitment to improved human conditions for all.


Fellows who have completed the two-year introduction to the Fellowship have reported that they are better able to lead with integrity and authenticity, negotiate tough conversations, and facilitate decision making processes. 

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