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Position Opening:

Program Director, William C. Friday Fellowship for Human Relations

Application deadline: Feb 28, 2017

We are seeking a passionate, experienced individual to join our team in transforming North Carolina leadership to be more courageous, collaborative, civil, equitable and just, to respect and engage differences, and make thoughtful and transparent decisions. The Program Director’s primary responsibility is the training component of our mission, leading the recruitment and selection of each class of William C. Friday Fellows, designing and implementing the two-year program curriculum, and measuring its success and impact. The full job description follows.

The Fellowship Program

The two-year cohort experience is the orientation phase of the Fellowship. It is implemented in two-year cycles through a series of six, experiential seminars. Twenty individuals, diverse across gender identity, race, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, political ideology, background, and from different sectors and regions of the state are chosen for each class of Fellows.

The program is designed on the premise that the traditional concept of the “heroic leader” who possesses unique attributes and uses their position of authority to solve problems doesn’t work in today’s constantly changing, complex environment. Today’s leaders must be adaptable and flexible, understand leadership as a collective practice, and critically analyze the systems at play in a given situation in order to mobilize many various stakeholders toward productive change. Further, the emphasis on the singular leader too often reflects a narrow profile in terms of identity, perspective, and style. Just as the leadership challenges we face are diverse and complex, our leaders also must reflect the depth and diversity of our state’s people.

We have designed the Fellowship curriculum with this in mind, focusing on mastering the following five competencies: (1) aligning values with action, (2) telling one’s story and hearing others', (3) cultivating collective leadership and practice, (4) engaging difference and power, and (5) leading adaptively for sustainable change.

Fellows experience personal growth and empowerment, gain a deeper understanding and respect for difference as well as the structural dynamics of power and privilege, experience a deeper historical perspective and exposure to issues across North Carolina, develop skills for leadership and working across the boundaries of differences, and build a wider and more diverse professional and civic network. Fellows note that after the fellowship they lead with more integrity and authenticity, are better able to negotiate tough conversations, and facilitate decision-making processes.

Beginning with the two-year cohort experience, the William C. Friday Fellowship for Human Relations serves as the foundation for a lifetime commitment to advancing human relations both individually and collectively to benefit North Carolina.

The Position

The Program Director for the William C. Friday Fellowship for Human Relations is responsible for leading the recruitment and selection of each class of Friday Fellows, the design and implementation of the two-year program curriculum, the support of the individual Fellows and the overall group, assessment and evaluation of the Fellows’ work and overall program, and the management of resources and logistics. They work closely with the Fellowship Director to ensure successful learning and seamless transition from the two-year program to the overall Fellowship community, as well as the integrity of the arc of the program and its connection to ongoing support of Fellows. They are the primary leader of a diverse, long- term, intact learning community made up of complex individuals who bring different beliefs, methods, and priorities and are committed to working across difference together to positively affect how leadership is done in North Carolina.  

Areas of Responsibility

Recruitment and Selection of Fellows

  • Every other year, manage the 6-9 month selection process and the committee of volunteers who ultimately choose 20-24 Friday Fellows from 40 finalists and countless applicants.
  • Direct recruitment efforts to ensure the applicant pool mirrors the goals set by the Selection Committee.
  • Use information from assessment and evaluation of the previous cycle to inform changes to the program, process, and informational materials.
  • Ensure an organized and fully integral process of selection.
Design and Facilitation
  • Take the lead on developing and implementing the design of the Fellowship, and ensure that the arc of the overall program and each seminar is integral and builds upon the established core competencies.
  • Commit to continued learning and skill-building, keeping abreast of latest advances, trends, theories, and learnings regarding leadership development, especially those related to Fellowship core competencies and advancing the organization’s vision for leadership throughout the state.
  • Work closely with the Fellowship Director to ensure that the curriculum components and overall arc of the two-year program is integrated with the goals of supporting and weaving the entire Fellowship community into an engaged, activated network.
  • In collaboration with core and adjunct faculty, develop curriculum, ensure its timely completion and dissemination, and document all designs and materials for each seminar.
  •  Hold the primary responsibility for leading the seminars on site, amplifying the intention and connection of all pieces, and facilitating sessions that align with individual expertise.
  • Act as primary process observer and coach to the group overall.
  • Make interventions with the group while in seminars, and work with faculty and coaches to support the growth of Fellows as well as the growth and wellness of the group as a whole.
  • Contract with and design with adjunct faculty and speakers who join the seminars at various points in the cycle to facilitate curriculum.
  • Coordinate, create, and disseminate reading, writing, and other assignments to Fellows.

Fellows’ Support

  • Support Fellows in every aspect of their effective completion of Fellowship responsibilities, individually and as a group - including visits, writing assignments, readings, etc.
  • Contract with and oversee the work of a small team of Coaches for the cycle who will provide individual coaching to each Fellow for the first year of the program and group coaching for the remaining six months.
  • Along with the Coaches, work with Fellows to make connections between their learning inside the Fellowship and their day-to-day leadership.
  • Ensure a close relationship with the Coaches to ensure that the individual work of Fellows is being supported by the program overall. 
  •  Maintain ongoing communication with the current Fellows group on all aspects of the work related to the Fellowship, and manage information and relationships between the Fellows and core faculty, the Fellowship Director, and the Board of Advisors.
  • Work with the Fellowship Director to explore and create opportunities for the current class to engage with the larger community of Fellows during and in-between seminars, as well as beyond the two-year program.

Assessment and Evaluation

  • Regularly assess the achievement of the outcomes outlined in the Theory of Change for individual Fellows and the Fellowship group, informing the ongoing development of the design and oversee the evaluation of the program’s immediate and long-term results drawing on models and tools used in the field of leadership development.
  • Manage the evaluation process for the seminars and the Fellowship cycles overall, including written and oral evaluations.
  • Conduct in-person initial, mid- fellowship and post-fellowship visits with each Fellow in their home town for preparation, goal-setting, and evaluation purposes.
  • Maintain a Theory of Change that sets the intention for the goals and outcomes of the Fellowship program.
  • Convene core and adjunct faculty periodically to review, assess, and make recommendations for modifying the ongoing program in response to evaluation and innovation.

Organizational Work

  • Work with the Program Committee Chair and the Fellowship Director to maintain the program’s alignment with the overall goals of the Friday Fellowship organization.
  • Work with the Fellowship Director to design and facilitate learning opportunities for the overall Fellowship community as well as ensure that the Fellowship program is in alignment with the Fellowship Director’s goals.
  • Budget for sufficient resources for the Fellowship annually, and manage costs to fall within budget.
  • With colleagues, plan for and execute logistics for the Fellowship seminars, coaching, and work in-between seminars.
  • Report on the program to the Board of Advisors upon request, in both written and oral reports.

Qualities for Success

  • 7+ years of experience in a field(s) related to: adult/experiential education, social work, leadership development, community/human relations, or the like. 
  • A personal and/or professional demonstrated commitment to the organization’s vision for leadership throughout North Carolina that is courageous, collaborative, and civil, equitable and just, respects and engages differences, and is thoughtful and transparent.
  • Experience with adult and experiential learning, as well as interest and experience working in the realm of human development and interaction.
  • An orientation to adaptive leadership theory, dialogue and deliberation, leading with an equity lens, and/or network leadership mindset.
  • Excellent program design and facilitation skills, including flexibility to adjust and enhance design in real time and according to Fellow and faculty feedback over time.
  • An open approach to competing ideas and needs of the group members, and an ability to navigate conflict and conflicting requests in real time and over time.
  • Skills in deep listening and orientation toward empathy and care.
  • Willingness to hold Fellows accountable for their work and for the wellness of the group overall.
  • Ability to navigate competing demands and needs between individuals, groups, etc.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and a collaborative work ethic. The ability to make autonomous decisions as well as collaborate well with fellow Faculty, colleagues on staff, and Board members.


Salary range starts at $55,000 (commensurate with experience) and includes benefits.

Application Process

To apply, please send a letter of interest and resume in one pdf file using the following naming convention: “Your Last Name-Your First Name.pdf”, via email only to:

WLI Search Committee

Please, no phone calls, faxes or snail mail.
Download a pdf of the full announcement and description here.

Wildacres Leadership Initiative is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to recruiting a broadly diverse pool of qualified candidates for the position.

Wildacres Leadership Initiative is connected with Wildacres Retreat, Little Switzerland, NC.