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Peyton W. Holland
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Last updated: 9/19/2017
Peyton W. Holland
Personal Information
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  Piedmont Triangle
Professional Information
SkillsUSA North Carolina
SkillsUSA North Carolina Director
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  Private Nonprofit
Additional Information
  Class of '14
  Education, Entrepreneurship/small business, Management, Non-profits, Organization Development
  Agriculture, Education, Entrepreneurship/small business, Sports/recreation, Travel, Urban/Suburban Sprawl
  Coaching/Counseling, Event Planning, Marketing/Branding/PR, Mentoring, Organizational, Public Speaking, Strategic Planning, Training/group facilitation
  Baseball/Softball, Basketball, Cars, Kayaking, Photography, Vehicle Restoration, Vintage cars, Watching Sports, Woodworking
More Information
I am passionate about people. I am passionate about getting the most out of every moment of my life and doing anything I can to help others experience the same. I bring this passion to everything that I do. I am hungry to learn what brings other people joy and what they love to do in life.

At heart, I am a good ol’ country boy. I grew up in the middle of Chatham County in North Carolina and spent most of my childhood farming. Starting at the age of 5 I learned how to work the land and how to make customers happy. In the evenings after school and throughout the summer, I would help my parents work the fields. From September through November, I worked the produce stand in our yard and at different festivals and events. By the time I turned 13, my father began running a sawmill instead of farming. For most of my high school and college career, my weekends were spent at the sawmill, learning to work with wood and how turn it into something that could be a functional part of someone’s life. I loved my time growing up on the farm and at the sawmill, although working 12-14 hours days when my friends were at the movies didn’t seem like much fun at the time. Looking back, I can see how many valuable lessons I learned during my childhood. I learned what hard work really was. I learned the value of a dollar because I knew how much hard work it took to make a dollar, and how quickly it could be spent. I learned to take pride in everything that I did, because, at some point, what I created was going to be needed by someone else who would want to take pride in it as well.

Most people would assume that someone growing up in the “trades” would have no interest in higher education. I was quite the opposite. I loved to learn. It was getting involved in SkillsUSA through my high school masonry class that made me decide I wanted to go to college. Had it not been for the trades, I would have never seen the value or the application of a four-year degree.

My small town roots and desire to dream has brought me where I am today. I serve as the SkillsUSA North Carolina Postsecondary State Director and as a motivational speaker to high school and college age students. My motto for life has always been, “If you don’t dream, you don’t have anything to work for.” I have a passion for the people in this world and want to make a difference through my actions. Teaching people to dream by finding their passion excites me. Every person has the opportunity to impact others; every person has the opportunity to make a difference. I’m hungry and eager to learn how to have a greater, positive influence on those around me.

Wildacres Leadership Initiative is connected with Wildacres Retreat, Little Switzerland, NC.