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William C. Friday Dialogues for Civic Leadership
The Friday Dialogues position Wildacres Leadership Initiative (WLI) as a key player in raising public dialogue above the rhetoric and confusion that divert attention from the ills imposed against African American, immigrant, indigenous, poor people and communities. Friday Fellows leverage their extensive networks to create space for civil dialogue aimed at abating gridlock, improving human relations, and advancing a just democracy.

Regional and local dialogues are a place-based effort to analyze and prioritize issues that might be unique or at least most important, across similarly situated communities. At the same time, statewide dialogues bring attention to crucial issues that extend beyond but impact multiple regions. These dialogues can then form the basis for more transparent regional and state action agenda to bring about a better North Carolina.

Modeling Civil Dialogue

Encouraging civil dialogue across difference is at the heart of Wildacres Leadership Initiative's work.  To provide a very clear model, WLI provides this hour long discussion about education between former NC Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson and former NC Community Development Initiative CEO Abdul Rasheed.  Note how June and Abdul take the time to get to know each other's past and perspective before discussing some of the hot-button issues of the day.  Listen to the podcast here.

Modeling Collaboration

Engaging and convening cross-sector thought leaders in meaningful joint conversations is WLI's method of shedding light on the state's current and emergent challenges and innovations in order to model and inspire constructive cross-sector civil dialogue.

Everyone is invited to participate with the Friday Dialogues in-person or virtually online to model and create greater civil dialogue.
The purpose of greater civility is to provide a more open atmosphere for collaboration resulting in greater civic engagement and a more stable democracy.




Wildacres Leadership Initiative is connected with Wildacres Retreat, Little Switzerland, NC.