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Vision, Mission, Values, and Beliefs 

Our state is grappling with complex, divisive issues that impact the trajectory of this great state and demand leadership marked by reflection, dialogue, and working across differences.

Wildacres Leadership Initiative (WLI) is committed to addressing this challenge.


Wildacres Leadership Initiative's vision is a vibrant and collaborative North Carolina. 

We envision a North Carolina where leadership at all levels is collaborative, courageous and civil, equitable and just, respects and engages differences, and makes thoughtful and transparent decisions.


Our mission is to  build individual and collective leadership that creates cultures of collaboration throughout the state.

Wildacres Leadership Initiative trains, supports. and convenes a statewide network of leaders to take courageous action on North Carolina’s most pressing issues through civil dialogue and by engaging across differences to improve the lives of all North Carolinians.


Our values are integrity, respect, generosity, and community. 

The values that guide our work are

Lead with Courage

Speak Your Truth

Engage Differences with Civility

Collaborate to Solve Problems

Embrace Equity and Justice.


We are committed to teaching and inspiring a new generation of courageous leaders for North Carolina -- leaders that model Bill Friday's civility, transparency, and collaboration across divergent ideas and identities.  In approaching a policy issue or a leadership challenge, participants practice rigorous discernment and create opportunities for dialogue that connect those in positions of influence with those most likely to be affected or marginalized.

As an organization, we believe that leadership must be a lifetime practice, not dependent on the skills, virtues, or vision of any single person, but upon shared power and mutual responsibility in our various communities and roles.


Wildacres Leadership Initiative is connected with Wildacres Retreat, Little Switzerland, NC.