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The Training
The Training
The first two years of the fellowship program focus on the development of core competencies. The fundamental catalyst for the development of these skills is the Fellows' willingness to engage with each other across their political, geographic, demographic, and other differences. In this open environment, Fellows do the following.


Align values with action

Identify their strongest beliefs, passions and strengths;

Act in accordance with them;

Acknowledge that others may have different motivations, and that there is difficulty;

Risk involved in living with such integrity.

Tell their stories and hear others

Know and share their own truths and experiences;

Develop empathy toward others by regularly inviting and validating their stories;

Document North Carolina issues in their communities.

Cultivate collective leadership

Develop intentional relationships with others;

Understand group process;

Tap the perspectives and concerns of every group member.

Lead adaptively for sustainable change

Create an environment that includes divergent voices and promotes shared leadership;

Mobilize people and pace the work to confront complex issues;

Examine values, attitudes, and behaviors that are blocking progress toward a shared goal.

Leadership as a practice

Fellows are exposed to leadership as practice to bring leadership back to their homes and communities as a part of life-long learning.



The training takes place in counties across North Carolina. Participants experience different parts of the state during the course of the fellowship.

Lori Bush


"The candid self-reflection from The Friday Fellowship stirred my soul while propelling me to find ways to incorporate new skills both in the tech world and political realm. Along the way, I've stumbled upon some of the brightest minds and souls in North Carolina-and fell blessed to call them friends."
  -Lori Bush, Friday Fellowship Class of 2014


Wildacres Leadership Initiative is connected with Wildacres Retreat, Little Switzerland, NC.