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The Training
The Training - Practicing Leadership

The Friday Fellowship builds core competencies that nurture relationships. Friday Fellows commit to lifelong learning and leadership practices in their home communities and across North Carolina. Working across difference, fellows learn how to be accountable to one another and to a shared future.

In seminar settings and in their communities across the state, Friday Fellows:


Align and Act

Identify the roots of their strongest beliefs, passions, and strengths;

Assess the alignment between values and practices;

Reckon with the reality that intention does not always equal impact; and

Act courageously and with integrity for collective good.

Tell Stories, Hear Others

Share and learn from personal truths and experiences;

Hear and respect others’ truths and experiences;

Listen for the unspoken questions and silent perspectives in the room; and

Connect personal storytelling to community experiences across the state.

Cultivate and Collaborate

Practice intentional relationships with others;

Consider how and why groups work together;

Embrace the value of difference in both community and collaboration; and

Commit to ongoing learning across difference in group and community work.

Lead and Change

Co-create relationships that promote shared leadership across difference;

Support people and communities in their lives and work;

Mobilize resources that support individual and community flourishing; and

Cultivate values and attitudes that allow for collaborative leadership.



Lori Bush


"The candid self-reflection from The Friday Fellowship stirred my soul while propelling me to find ways to incorporate new skills both in the tech world and political realm. Along the way, I've stumbled upon some of the brightest minds and souls in North Carolina-and feel blessed to call them friends."
  -Lori Bush, Friday Fellowship Class of 2014


Wildacres Leadership Initiative is connected with Wildacres Retreat, Little Switzerland, NC.