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Selection Process
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Nominations and applications are no longer being accepted for the Friday Fellows Class of 2017-2019, 10th Cohort.

Candidates for the William C. Friday Fellowship are committed to leadership in North Carolina, model humility and continuous learning, and are courageous risk takers seeking to create innovation through their work in the world.


About the William C. Friday Fellowship for Human Relations

The William C. Friday Fellowship is a nonpartisan, results-focused leadership development opportunity for North Carolinians who wish to positively impact their communities through leadership grounded in improving human relations: leading with courage, speaking one’s truth, engaging differences with civility, collaborating to solve problems, and embracing equity and justice.

The Friday Fellowship is reflective of North Carolina’s diversity across world-view, demographic characteristics, sectors, and expertise. The Friday Fellowship reflects a range of manners of leading. Fellows understand that leadership is a practice, not the result of positional authority. However, many Fellows hold positions of authority in their professional lives and across sectors.


We encourage Friday Fellows to be courageous in their principles and beliefs while practicing being open to new ideas and perspectives. Friday Fellows believe that we must build and maintain relationships across our differences to move forward together. As a result, Friday Fellows often bring people together who would not otherwise ever engage with each other as a way to guarantee North Carolina’s ongoing prosperity. Our future depends on our capacity to connect across difference to harness our collective gifts to benefit all North Carolinians.


About Selection

Candidates for selection must 1) be a North Carolina resident, and 2) have at least five years of leadership experience in the private, public, nonprofit, and/or as part of communities not connected to any of these sectors. To be considered for the Fellowship, candidates must complete an application as well as be nominated by someone who is meaningfully connected to their work in the world. If you do not have a nominator yet, please identify someone who knows your work in the world well and ask them to fill out a nomination form.

Candidates will be selected based on the following measures:

  1. Evidence of sustained efforts that benefit the collective good of North Carolina.
  2. Evidence of a consistent desire to learn and a general sense of curiosity.
  3. Evidence of courage and resilience in leadership.
  4. Evidence of awareness of their leadership contribution and learning needs.


Cohort 10 Class of 2017-2019 Friday Fellows will be announced on September 19th, 2017 on our website and through email. Selected candidates will be asked to participate in six four-day leadership development seminars over two years. Selected Fellows must be prepared to make a commitment to attend all six Seminars.The dates for the six Seminars are:

Seminar I:  October 19-22, 2017, Wildacres Retreat Center, Little Switzerland, NC
Seminar II:  February 15-18, 2018, Avila Retreat Center, Durham, NC
Seminar III:  July 12-15, 2018, Trinity Center, Salter Path, NC
Seminar IV:  October 25-28, 2018, Eastern 4-H  Environmental Center, Columbia, NC
Seminar V:  February 21-24, 2019, TBD
Seminar VI:  June 20-23, 2019, TBD

To apply for the Friday Fellowship, click here.
To nominate a candidate for the Friday Fellowship, click here.



Wildacres Leadership Initiative is connected with Wildacres Retreat, Little Switzerland, NC.